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Why Elite Luxury Bath Thinks BioBidet Is Awesome And Advantages Of Owning A Bidet

 There are many reasons one should own a Bidet. We would like to share with you about a company that has meet a lot of the requirements that has products that can elevate your bathroom experience.

What are some of the reasons why we believe that you should dump your toilet paper and switch to a bidet – especially one from Bio Bidet. All our bidets provide a clean and comfortable bathroom experience because we firmly believe you deserve a clean tushy.

Bio Bidet strives to create high-quality products at a fair price while offering exceptional customer service and incorporating eco-friendly practices.

If you don’t believe us, just visit any of their products on our website. Like the Bliss BB-2000, and read the reviews left by our satisfied customers!

BioBidet's Latest Advancements

The company BioBidet are constantly improving their bidets – which is why our customers are so satisfied with their products.
Here are a few of their latest technology features available on their bidet toilets and bidet seats:
  • 3-in-1 nozzle: A stainless steel bidet nozzle featuring a three-port system. Each port targets a specific area to wash and our advanced nozzles deliver a gratifying cleaning experience with every use.
  • Bubble Infusion technology: Designed specifically with women in mind, our patented Bubble Infusion technology releases bubbles into the water stream of our feminine wash – providing a softer, more comfortable experience for your most sensitive area.
  • Vortex Wash: Bio Bidet’s signature Vortex Wash delivers a satisfying and effective posterior wash – removing any waste in its path. Vortex Wash is also found in our bidets with Enema Wash to help relieve constipation and provide extra cleansing benefits.
Check out the new Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet to see more of their technology features.

Are Bidets Worth It?

Absolutely yes, all bidets are worth it! Whether you’re looking to improve your personal hygiene or increase bathroom luxury, installing a bidet is one of the best choices you can make.
Bidets offer health benefits, environmental advantages, and they thoroughly clean your derriere. Elite Luxury Bath sells Bio Bidet toilets, seats and bidet attachments at a range of price points to make it easy to find one that fits your budget and lifestyle.
Just saying that once you install one, you will want a bidet in each bathroom in your home and you don't have to have the same one. You can try different ones in each bathroom.

Advantages Of A Bidet

  • Environmentally friendly because they use water instead of paper.
  • Unlike toilet paper, bidets thoroughly clean without spreading waste, reducing the chance of infection and irritation.
  • Adds luxury and comfort to your bathroom experience. Most of our bidet toilets and bidet seats come with temperature-controlled water, heated seats, a Feminine Wash setting, an Air-Dryer setting, and even a night-light so you can find your way safely on after-hours runs to the bathroom.
  • Bidets reduce toilet clogging by eliminating the need for toilet paper. You will never need to use that plunger again.
  • You don’t have to leave the comfort of home when the toilet paper is out, and if there is ever a toilet paper shortage well with that being said, you will never be left with a dirty backside.


Just a few Health Benefits when you use a Bidet for Constipation And Hemorrhoid Issues

By stimulating bowel movements, the Enema Wash feature built into many of our bidet toilets and bidet seats helps relieve constipation. Using a bidet for enemas can also help with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused when the tissue inside and outside the anus becomes inflamed. Cleansing the area with warm water will help soothe the inflammation and help the area to heal.

When You Are Wanting To Choose a Bidet

If you need help choosing a bidet or have questions about what type of bidet is right for you, use our live chat feature on our website or send us a message.