Steam Therapy

Why Would You Want To Create A Private Sanctuary In The Comfort Of Your Own Home?


Let Your Stress Melt Away As You Relax In A Steam Therapy Shower

For Centuries people have recognized the health benefits of saunas. Leave your stress behind and enter a world of total relaxation, ridding you of pain, toxins, sore muscles, as well as increasing your blood circulation and leaving your skin glowing. Besides these physical effects, a steam shower session will leave you totally relaxed by providing you a peaceful and relaxing luxury environment away from it all in the privacy of your own home.

People have relied on the restorative power of steam for health and overall wellness. Conventional uses of steam therapy have been known to help stimulate circulation, tone body tissues, alleviate pain, relax nerves and enhance overall well-being.  By harnessing the power of steam, plus water, sound, light and visualization to create one of the industry’s first complete multi-sensory showering experiences you can create a personalized daily wellness ritual that is all your own.

Wellness Through Steam Therapy Has Been A Part Of History

Steam therapy has been known to promote overall health and well-being since the time of the Greek and Roman empires. Steam therapy produces a moist heat, which is thought to have therapeutic benefits for the cardiovascular and respiratory system and would fit perfectly into any wellness routine.

Wellness through steam therapy encourages a relaxed state, a release of stress and fosters overall well-being.

Wellness through steam therapy releases toxins from your skin detoxifies your skin through your sweat.

Wellness through steam therapy warms mucous membranes, soothes sore throat and opens nasal passages improving your breathing.

Wellness through steam therapy Improves circulation and helps relax muscles to reduce muscle pain.

Wellness through steam therapy opens pores and leaves skin with a healthy glow which helps to rejuvenate the skin. 

Wellness through steam therapy may help increase and enhance better quality sleep patterns.