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Taking Care Of Dirty Business Without Leaving a Paper Trail

By Linda Trautman March 29, 2021 0 comments

If you’re looking for ways to save time, money, and resources on that one daily activity no one really likes to discuss, read on! We’re talking about wiping with toilet paper of course… Yes, the chore we are all to familiar with than anyone feels comfortable admitting to. Though the advances in bidet toilet technology it has opened the market to quicker and cleaner sanitation solutions, setting the toilet paper tradition into the decline, most bidet users still rock the roll for one reason or another.

Toilet Paper Costs
 Many wonder, “If bidets are supposed to be the end of toilet paper waste, how do you dry yourself after using a bidet toilet?” As the most trusted bidet believers, we’ve dedicated some time to addressing the common myths, mysteries, and misconceptions around the role of toile paper and the duty of drying yourself in a bidet-equipped world.

Advanced Bidet Seats with Warm Air Dryers

Americans use about 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year. This is enough paper waste to take down about 15 million trees or a forest the size of Lake Tahoe! With eco advances in modern bidet seats, this problem could be drastically reduced with the promotion of bidet warm air dryers. Yes, you read that right!  As if you needed another reason to love bidets, many models now come stocked with warm air dryers, allowing users to have a totally touch-free, paperless washing experience.

Using a warm air dryer couldn’t be easier. All you need to do for the cleanest tushy on in your house is to take a seat, do your thing, then wash. After you’re sufficiently cleaned, you can turn on the air dryer function, usually by the touch of a remote, then let the good times blow. With a warm air dryer there’s no need for toilet paper, saving you money and saving the environment from deforestation, climate change, habitat destruction and other costly consequences of paper harvesting.

Throwing In A Bidet Towel

Though this next method isn’t for everyone, let us assure you that it does elevate the bathroom experience and it’s been catching on for years. Okay, time to do a little mind opening exercise as we explore the pros and cons of what are commonly known as bidet towels. Bidet towels are exactly what the not-so-subtle name implies. These extra-absorbent eco cloths, about the size of hand towels, are usually woven from terry, twill, or bamboo. In many homes they hang from a hook above the bidet and are stored in a hamper after use. The concept is the same as drying off with a bath towel after a shower. They make great alternatives to toilet paper, but could potentially throw off unenlightened house guests and make for, well, interesting conversation…

To use a bidet towel, sit and do your business, wash yourself clean, then dry off with the bidet towel before throwing it in the hamper for its own wash. We recommend a one-and-done use between washes.

A Little Dab Of Toilet Paper Will Do

Perhaps the most common solution to the problem of how to dry off after using a bidet is toilet paper. Yes, one of the chief benefits in owning a bidet is the positive impact it will have on the environment, and many people are sold on bidets from the ecological aspect alone. However, a quick pat down after your wash doesn’t mean you aren’t still doing your part and saving a substantial amount of paper and resources. Just think about what a difference one or two squares for a little post-squirt dab means versus the wads and reels used in heavy duty cleanup. And we’ve all been guilty of that…

Environmental Impact

Using toilet paper with a bidet is simple. All you need to do is sit down, do your thing, activate the wash, and dab yourself dry. A few squares and you’re good to go. During the pandemic of Covid 19 more and more people switched to bidets which gave a minimal impact to the environment and a maximum clean!

We Are Here To Help Make Things Better

Whichever technique you employ in the battle against damp derrieres, we guarantee you’ll save some money, resources, and be doing your part for a healthy, sustainable environment by joining the #washdontwipe revolution. We understand questions come up as old methods improve and technology advances. In the western bidet world, concerns are as common as they are diverse that’s why at Elite Luxury Bath are here to make sure your inquiries are heard and addressed, helping you walk around clean, healthy, smiling with a totally, unmistakably, thoroughly dried behind.


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