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So Many Types Of Bidet Options

By Linda Trautman December 23, 2021 0 comments


So Many Types Of Bidet Options.... Here's A Guide On How to Choose the Best Bidet for You

Congratulations to a good friend of mine and partner on deciding to buy a bidet! It took us a while to get to this point and I had to buy mine first and I never stopped talking about how much I love the one I chose! Now comes the fun part—choosing the best bidet to meet all of your wants and needs.

Once you start looking at the many kinds of bidet toilet seats, you will see that there are a lot of options available. Knowing what the different features are and how they contribute to your overall experience can help you narrow down your decision.

This brief buying guide will help you understand the significant features of the different type's of bidet's so you can select the one that best fits your like's and needs. I also am going to make some suggestions of toilet seats that will fit your price range, what you want, like and need.

What To Consider When Buying A Bidet Toilet Seat

The primary purpose of using a bidet seat is to experience a hygienic and eco-friendly clean after using the toilet. They are very useful for people of all ages, but most of all including those with mobility challenges, women who want to feel fresh after sexual intercourse or while on their period, and anyone, including men who wants a more thorough clean than toilet paper can provide.

Here are several features you will want to consider when you start shopping for a bidet.

Electric vs. Non-Electric

An electric bidet toilet seat comes with more features and functionality than a non-electric bidet attachment. Both types of bidets will help you get clean, though. Here is an example of a Non Electric Attachment. 

Bio Bidet Elite 3 Natural Water Dual Nozzle Toilet Attachment

Non Electrical Bidet Toilet Seat

Note that non-electric attachments have limited features. Check here to see what features come with this attachment. They are very simple but still does a good job.

If you want additional features like those that I have listed below, you will want to consider an electric toilet seat which I highly suggest.

Control Type

Electric bidet toilet seats can come with one of two control types: remote control or panel control. Both options work well. Which one you choose primarily comes down to personal preference.
Bidet toilet seats with a remote control like the Cascade 3000 tend to have a all the bells and whistles.. They generally come with wall mounts to minimize the chances of misplacing the remote. A panel control model like the CleanSense Bidet Model 1500 comes with the controls attached to the toilet seat, so there is no chance of misplacing it.

Left-handed individuals may find the remote-control model more comfortable as the panel control models and non-electric bidet attachments generally have the control panel attached to the right side of the seat.


Lid Type

Some bidet toilet seats come with lids that are more decorative than functional, meaning they will not hold the weight of an adult sitting on the lid.  Others have a “sittable lid” that is sturdy enough for an adult to sit on. This can be handy if you tend to sit on your closed toilet to paint your toenails, or help someone bathe.

Another thing to consider with lids is whether you want an automatic lid. For example, the Kohler Novita Bidet Model BH-90 has an automatic lifting lid that will open or close based on when it senses you approaching the toilet.  This can be a convenient feature for those who struggle to bend down to open the lid or prefer a truly handsfree experience when using the toilet.

Heated water

Heated water is another top feature of electric bidet toilet seats. There are two different ways to get heated water into your bidet—tank or tankless water heater. A middle-ground option is a hybrid water heater that uses both.

Bidets that use tank-type water heaters have an internal tank of stored water. The toilet seat keeps the water heated to the user’s preferred setting and will release it when the user turns the bidet on. After about 30 seconds, the water will get cooler. It takes around five minutes for the water to heat back up. An example is the Bio Bidet Prestige BB-2000 Advanced Bidet Seat.

Bidets that use a tankless-type water heater, also sometimes called “on-demand” heaters, do not keep a reservoir of warm water stored. Instead, the heating element automatically warms the water when the bidet is turned on. The water stays warm until the bidet is turned off. An example is the Toto Neorest NX1 Dual Flush Luxury One-piece Toilet & Bidet

In a hybrid model, the bidet has a small reservoir of warm water that it uses. At the same time, new water is automatically heated up, resulting in a non-stop stream of warm water that lasts until the unit is turned off. An example is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-1700 Premier Class Bidet Seat.

Night Time Features

Many electric bidet toilet seats create an almost spa-like experience, all the way down to the heated seat. This feature can make late-night bathroom trips less painful and encumbering.

Some bidet toilet seats also come with a nightlight, making using the bathroom in the dark safer and easier. LED lights emit a soft glow that helps you see the bidet without being overly bright.

Wands and Nozzles

Both bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments have nozzles that emit water to clean you thoroughly. Many models come with self-cleaning nozzles, which can make your bidet experience as sanitary as possible and reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do.

Many models have multiple types of nozzles, including feminine wash, an enema option, and an oscillating cleanse option. With electric models, you can use your remote control or panel operator to move the wand and nozzles during your wash. Some even come with pre-set options, so multiple people who use the bidet can have their own personalized experience.

Shop For A Bidet For Your Home

The above features are all essential to consider when you are buying a bidet. You want to get a model that will provide comfort as well as cleansing for you. The choice is yours!

My favorite one which I own is the Cascade 3000. I spoke of this one earlier and you can click on the words to see what all the features are.  The other two which I highly recommend because they are good performers with very good features a reasonable price point. You can click on the names below  so you can see the features and then decide which one will fit you the best!

Alpha GXR Wave Bidet Seat with Remote Focused On High End Performance  

Brondell Swash 1200 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat 7 Nozzle Positions Remote   


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