Many are looking to smarter solutions as toilet paper shortage continues

Many Are Looking to Smarter Solutions As Toilet Paper Shortage Continues

 Quiz: What do you do after you “go”?

A: Wash B: Wipe

Girl thinking about a test question wiping or using a Bidet 

 If your answer was A  Nice great job! You are already the king or queen of your porcelain throne!

If your answer was B Sorry you failed the quiz (just for now), but it’s okay. We’re here to help you gain control of your elevating your bathroom experience, once and for all!

As Toilet Paper Shortage Continues, Many Are Looking to Smarter Solutions in Bidet Products

In the last couple of months, the slow spread and subsequent hysteria surrounding COVID-19, or coronavirus, has caused panic in world markets, restrictions on air travel, and now we’re seeing its effects even in our day-to-day shopping routines and hygiene regimens.

Shortages in everything from hand sanitizer to bottled water have rocked the supermarket scene but the deficit that has people especially concerned involves the one item we just cannot seem to live without, or is that true? Can we?

The Toilet Paper Shortage

Toilet paper has long been one of the first items to disappear in the panic of a shortage run and with recent coronavirus fears, we’ve seen the once Charmin-clad shelves of every supermarket, grocery store, and big-box outlet sacked in service of a doomsday prep the likes of which we haven’t seen since maybe Y2K.

In recent weeks, shortage concerns have sent many consumers running to their local convenience stores to stock up on this necessity and prepare for what many believe will be a national toilet paper predicament – and who can blame them? Just the thought of being caught without a means to proper bathroom hygiene is enough to trigger toileting concerns in even the most confident among us.

Thankfully, in this era of ever-evolving bathroom innovation, there are smarter, more sustainable ways to deal with these issues and many are now looking to bidet seats as a novel solution in the face of temporary toilet paper shortage.

The Bidet to the Rescue

If you have ever considered the benefits of upgrading your bathroom with an electronic bidet seat, now would be a great time to get on board and finally ditch your toilet paper habit for good. With so many different options, models, and price points on the market today, it’s never been easier to find the right bidet product for you and your family.

If you are just learning about bidet's and you never heard of them then keep reading. If you are looking for a total toilet paper replacement, you should look no further than the electronic bidet seat.

With so many features built into modern electronic bidet seats such as adjustable washes, heated seats, built-in deodorizers, and of course warm air dryers, you can completely break your dependence on wasteful toilet paper and experience a much more comprehensive clean.

With wireless remote controls or sidearm remotes, electronic bidet seats give you a paperless wash and dry with a hands free all at the touch of a button. To begin your bidet experience, simply sit down on the seat, do what you need to do and engage the type of wash you prefer.

It is based on the water pressure, water temperature, and nozzle positioning. After you’re finished with the wash, a warm air dryer will do the rest in ensuring you no longer have to depend on the rough, wasteful resources of toilet paper.

Wasting so much toilet paper

For many years now, people have been discovering bidets, and electronic bidet seats in particular, as the perfect means to end our wasteful toilet paper dependence.

Those of us who’ve made the switch will hear tell of toilet paper shortages and merely laugh, reminiscing back to the days when this archaic method of bathroom hygiene was the standard in our own lives.

For many others, the decision to convert to this cleaner, more comfortable and convenient solution is beginning to make more and more sense as these products advance to next-level luxury.

If you are one of those out there who understand there are better options for your bathroom needs, go check out the many new innovations for easy bidet seat upgrades, choose the bidet toilet seat model that best suits your needs, and leave the toilet paper on the shelves.


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