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Senior Living Solutions And What Is Trending For Them

By Linda Trautman March 31, 2021 0 comments

Senior Living Options

Our vision is to enable as many people as possible from men, women and children to be able to use the bathroom with as little help as possible.

A bidet has been designed with care in order to help increase freedom and dignity, based on the invaluable input of those who consistently face challenges in the bathroom.

By enabling independence, providing dignity we all want to have and the best quality hygiene.  As the baby boomers are becoming to the age of personal needs that are needing to be met, recovering from an accident, or living with disabilities; It is our aim to help you have the best, most dignified, quality of life possible. Click here to see the Cascade 3000.

With emerging technology and a host of new approaches to senior living, we’ve come a long way from the days of the “nursing homes” or “convalescent care” facilities of the past.


Home Care Giver Options

In 2021 we’re learning more about what it means to provide not only the highest quality of care to our most beloved population but also how to do it in the most efficient and comfortable manner for both seniors and their caregivers. With evolving resources dedicated to improving everything for the ageing, seniors have never had an easier, healthier, or more fulfilling outlook on assisted lifestyle. As more communities open up to advances in modern technology and methods, the quality of life for our seniors rises in conjunction.

One aspect of the senior and assisted living experience that has historically been problematic for seniors is mobility – specifically when it comes to the bathroom. In fact, one of the biggest drivers for loss of independence for many seniors is maintaining proper bathroom hygiene and safety.

Bathroom mobility and hygiene are also routinely cited as the least desirable part of the job for many caregivers. In my time living and working to take the best care of my mom before she passed away was very difficult. It would have been so much easier for her if she could have been able to take care of herself when using the bathroom. 

Thankfully, we’re now living in an era of innovation and have a novel solution for bathroom mobility in the electronic bidet seat. Aside from providing a more comfortable bathroom experience with features like heated seats and adjustable water temperatures, electronic bidet seats are a perfect solution for those looking to add an extra element of safety, independence, and dignity to their senior living communities and in home caregiving.

Electronic bidet seats are essentially an easy, cost-effective way to convert existing toilets into fully-functional bidets for more complete hygiene and a better bathroom experience. These seats have been used for many years all over the world, specifically in Japan, and are now finding their way to the North American market where they not only provide a greater level of comfort for all users but are also a huge benefit to anyone experiencing bathroom mobility issues.


They work by diverting the flow from your freshwater supply with a T-valve and using a stream of water to cleanse the user in a much more effective and easier way than simply wiping with toilet paper. With an easy-to-use wireless remote control, features like warm water washes, warm air dryers, even built-in deodorizers and calming nightlights make the modern bidet experience virtually hands-free. Some electronic bidet seats, even feature pre-programmable user settings and one-touch auto modes to allow an easier, more comfortable experience for those who may have trouble with memory or arthritis.

Custom Remote Control



These high-tech innovations improve the quality of life for caregivers as well, as they eliminate the task of assisting with wiping or cleanup. Electronic bidet seats even allow caregivers to stand outside the bathroom while still being able to assist with the remote if need be. This leads to greater job satisfaction, higher caregiver staff retention, and less turnover – a win-win for both seniors and the communities they live in.

Caregiver Remote Control

It’s no wonder that within today’s landscape of senior living communities and in home caregiving, the emergence of new technology and innovations are making for a future far removed from the drab, difficult, and sometimes dangerous assisted living situations of the past.

Communities and in home caregiving with foresight, ambition, and open-mindedness to adopt these new tools are seeing an increase in not only profitability but in the quality of life for their residents.

Happiness begins with having your dignity in tact!


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